🌟Celebrating Shayne's Softball Adventure in New Zealand! 🌟 Last month, our talented junior player Shayne had the incredible opportunity to join a QLD team on tour in New Zealand! 🇳🇿⚾ Shayne showcased their skills and sportsmanship by playing against 8 fantastic New Zealand teams. 👏 We're proud of Shayne's achievements and look forward to more exciting moments on the softball field! 🥎 · Read more
TSA corporate day to be held on Saturday 15th June 2024 · Read more
Save the Date our 2024 Season will commence in October 2024 · Read more
2024/2025 Season - October - March
06/10/2024 - 15/12/2024 02/02/2025 - 02/03/2025
Bicentennial Park
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