2024 Thursday SkateStars Term 1 now open!

Published Sun 21 Jan 2024

We hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays and are keen to keep rolling.

Thursday SkateStars will return in week 1 of term 1 (2024).

Term 1 Bookings are now closed.


If you have yet to join Team Skatel for 2024, please first renew/register your membership of Team Skatel.

Most participants can register as a Recreational - CAT4 - SkateStar (TS Recreational Member).


If you are preparing to moving on to Artistic or Speed in 2024 then please register as an Artistic - CAT 4 - Participation (TS Participation Member) or Speed - CAT 4 - Participation (TS Speed Member) by following the links:

Once you are a member you'll then be able to register for the Thursday SkateStars here:

If you wish to use 2023 Active Kids Vouchers, you can certainly do so, as these are term booking classes.

Please ensure you book prior to 30/01/2024 if using a Voucher.

Note Active Kids Vouchers are applied manually, therefore will not be applied directly to your invoice. Please wait until the Invoice has had the discount applied before paying the balance.

* Note at present we cannot process the New Active / Creative Kids Vouchers - we hope to be able to do so in Term 2 *