2023 Wednesday Learn to Figure Skate Classes (Term 4) now open for booking!

Published Sun 08 Oct 2023

Are you interested to learn Artistic Roller Skating ?

Then our Wednesday Learn to Figure Skate Classes could be for you!

Our Wednesday Learn to Figure Skate Classes are designed to take Skaters from SkateStars (Learn to Skate) to Rising Stars (Entry level Artistic Competitions).

The class are open to SkateStars and Rising Stars Skaters wishing to develop Artistic Skills in preparation for Artistic Skating Events.

Active/Creative Kids Vouchers may be used for term bookings.

All participants must be:

- Team Skatel Members

- minimum SkateStars Level 3 (must have passed SkateStars Level 2)

- have own Artistic Roller Skates.


For more information please check the events page or email us here:

Click here for Class bookings - Learn to Figure Skate - Wednesday (Term 4 - 2023)

Click here for Voucher bookings - ARTISTIC ACTIVE / CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER TERM BOOKINGS (Term 4 - 2023)