State & National Championships

State & National Championship Nomination Forms


Harry Madden Memorial Benchrest Championships in conjunction with Barry Edgley Trophy

1st & 2nd April 2023


Extra Information

  • Nomination form updated 01/03/2023, please use correct form when nominating.

  • SSAA Brisbane Conditions of Range Attendance CLICK HERE

  • If your firearms licence is expired, you may continue to use the license for 42 days after expiry so long as you have renewed the licenced no later than the day before expiry and show proof. If you do not have the receipt of renewal together with the licence card, you cannot use the range, you also can not fill out a Form 33.

    Proof of renewal is the receipt from Weapons Licensing, showing the date it was paid (which should be no later than the day before the licence expired) and try to find something that identifies it as belonging to the licensee. The emailed receipt does not include the licensee's name or licence number for privacy reasons. The most common is the email address that it was sent to, eg johnsmith@ . If we are unable to identify the receipt belonging to the licensee then we will decline the receipt (unfortunately) and not allow you to shoot. 

  • SSAA STANDARD RULES - Competitors and Firearms Licence Adult competitors must hold a valid and appropriate licence or permit in their home state or territory for the category of firearm to be used.

  • Competition Rules CLICK HERE