Basic Guide to Squash

Wear sports clothing and sports shoes, preferably white soled

Bring some water, and a lot of energy

If you don't have equipment, just ask at the courts - there is generally equipment to use or hire.

Let's get started!

Don't forget to warm up - both yourself and the ball (squash balls bounce better when warm)

Try a few stretches, then hit the ball to the front wall for 5 minutes or so to help warm up your arm and the ball.

Basic Rules

Two players take turns to hit the ball onto the front wall.  A point is awarded each time a player wins a rally. 

How to serve

  • Stand with one foot in either service box
  • Hit the ball to the front wall landing it above the service line, below the out line
  • The ball then must travel from the front wall to the opposite back corner (behind the short line and on the other side of the half court line from where it was served)
  • The ball can rebound off other walls or be hit on the full (a volley)

During the rally

  • The ball MUST hit the front wall each shot but can hit other walls before or after
  • The opponent must hit the ball before the 2nd bounce
  • Players can hit the ball before it bounces on the floor (a volley)
  • Players can use all of the court after the serve is hit, there are no restrictions on where to run

When is a ball out?

  • When it hits the tin or out line
  • When it hits above the out of court line (on a serve or during a rally)
  • When it bounces on the floor more than once before being hit
  • When a serve lands in the incorrect area (a fault)


  • The player who wins the rally scores a point
  • A game goes up to 11 points, if the score is 10 all the game continues until a player wins by 2 points
  • A match is the best of 5 games



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