Skate Australia Event Sanctioning Form 2024

Event Organisers - Sanctioning Process for Competitions

Skate Australia (SA) is looking to foster the growth and development of skate groups and communities throughout Australia. The below is an application for event organisers looking to have their events sanctioned by Skate Australia. This process has been developed to ensure event organisers meet the needs of the community and satisfy the following three pillars: Governance, Participation, and Pathways.

The following information is to be provided to Skate Australia. Skate Australia require a minimum 3-month period between submission of documents and competition beginning. 

You will only need to fill in this information once per year. 

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This section outlines the administration of your organisation / business and provides Skate Australia with relevant details to register your event.

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Provide names and relevant check details: Date of expiry, card number and card type

List out competition name, venue, and date

Competition Dates and Details:
Outline proposed competition dates and structure of events.

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List age groups that will be competing

Judging Criteria:
Outline the criteria used by judges and their relevant qualifications
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