2024 Shepparton Veterans Open


Sun 03 Nov 2024 09:00 — 19:00
Table Tennis Victoria - 2025 State Tournament Circuit (Vets)

Course information

Registrations for this course are not yet open. Entries open at Mon 09 Sep 2024 00:00.



Players can only complete the online entry form once. If you need to change your entry form after you have submitted it, please send an email to tournamentsttv@gmail.com with your requested changes.

Maximum 1 event per timeslot - Maximum 3 events total

Teal Tournament - Aged Singles with Opt-In Consolation & Limited Gender Doubles

(No  Divisions)

**Timetable may change after entries close 

9:00 AM O/40 Men's, O/40 Women's, O/60 Women's, O/70 Men's
11:00 AM O/30 Women's, O/50 Women's, O/60 Men's, O/70 Women's
1:00 PM Gender Doubles (O/30, O/50, O/65)
2:00 PM O/30 Men's, O/50 Men's, O/75 Men's, O/75 Women's, O/85's
4:00 PM O/65 Men's, O/65 Women's, O/80's


TTV Tournament Conditions of Entry (2025 Selection Period)