Start Windsurfing: 1st - 4th Oct 2024


October 1st to 4th from 0900 to 1200
Australian Sailing - 2. Start Windsurfing

Course information

Registration for this course closes at Fri 27 Sep 2024 12:00.

If you feel like some fun and exhilaration then it is time to get on a board and learn to windsurf. You can choose to quietly cruise around Matilda Bay or develop your skills to go blasting around in the sea breeze, either alone or with the family. The choice is all yours! Windsurfing is a sport for all ages and is definitely a sport for life. Our Windsurfing courses are perfect for Teens and Adults.


Our windsurfing courses are:

-An excellent introduction into Windsurfing at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

-Practical skills oriented – we prefer you to be out on the water with a bare minimum in the classroom.

-The chance to learn self-reliance and independence whilst having fun.

-A recognised course, giving you a Nationally recognised Australian Sailing qualification and a useful starting point to your windsurfing adventures.

-Available for Teens and Adults.


We use the following boards and sails:

The Bic Techno 293 is an ideal board for those learning to windsurf. It has the length and stability to make learning easy. Having a centreboard also adds to stability and makes light wind sailing lots of fun. These boards are used in World-wide competitions with fleet sizes in the hundreds. Foot straps are also a feature of the Techno 293 which gives it great strong wind performance. For more info please see BicWindsurf.


Our entry level rig is the Ezzy 3.5m Superlight which is a refined, light weight rig easily managed by beginners.


The transition rig is the Ezzy 4.7m Superlight which provides more power and is the perfect lead in to the full Techno 293 5.8m racing rig.

Course Overview
Your windsurfing journey starts here as you learn the essential skills to enable you to safely windsurf with assistance in a safe and supportive environment.

Course Prerequisites

Water confident.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for participants who wish to begin windsurfing. All the equipment and gear will be provided by your accredited Discover Sailing Centre.

Course Outcome

You will gain your Start Windsurfing completion certificate. 


We recognise that some of our course participants are completing the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and may be using sailing and/or club membership to complete one or more sections of The Award. To learn more, click here