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Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

2024 Registration & Club Membership

Understanding your fees

Throughout the season you will be required to pay two components for playing hockey with our club.

The first component is your Registration. This covers necessary costs to join the Wagga Wagga Combined Hockey Association (WWCHA) Winter Competition, and registers you with Hockey Australia and Hockey NSW. These fees go towards WWCHA maintainance of the field infrastructure and so you are covered by necessary insurances required for you to play Hockey.

Note: WWCHA have announced their component of the fee will be waived in 2024, resulting in a $110 Discount on your fees!

The second component is the Club Membership. This fee covers costs to the club that we pay on your behalf to WWCHA and Council for game fees, training turf hire, and use of the lights. This component is also subsidised by our sponsors to bring down the costs for playing hockey, as expensive as they already are, so please ensure you support them so they can continue supporting you.

Registration & Payment Instructions

Step 1 - Registration with Hockey NSW/AUS and WWCHA    (Due before your first game)

Down the bottom of this webpage will be two registration options

  • Returning Member - Returning Players (have played hockey in NSW)
  • New Member - New Players (have never played hockey in NSW)

Select the relevant option and complete the forms as guided. Ensure you select the correct registration option. Please ensure that you complete the registration questions accurately. These will be used to plan the 2024 competition as well as issue the correct invoice to you for the Club fees.

   Important - You will not be allowed to step onto the field without first having this registration. 

Stepping onto the field without being registered means you are not covered by any insurances and represent a risk to The Club and The Association. The penalty for this is team forfeiture of any game in which an unregistered player is on the field and The Club being required to reimburse the opposing team's game fees.

Step 2 - Royals Hockey Club Fees   (Due later in season)

Please see 'Fee Information' below for details of club fees.

Fee Information

Component 1 - Hockey NSW/AUS and WWCHA 2024

  • Senior (19 and over) 
    • Hockey Australia - $57.32
    • Hockey NSW - $119.90
    • WWCHA - $0 ($110 discount!)
    • Total: $177.26
  • 18 and under 
    • Hockey Australia - $45.32
    • Hockey NSW - $62.92
    • WWCHA - $0 ($110 discount!)
    • Total: $108.24
  • Non-Playing Officials, Administrators, Volunteers, Supportive Memberships 
    • Free - This is for administrators, volunteers and supportive members who are not directly involved on the field

**Please note that payment administration fees may apply on checkout.

Component 2 - Royals Hockey Club Fees

  • Adult (Senior 19 and over) - $200
  • 18 and under - $100

All members must have paid their fees, or set up a payment plan, by Round 3 (11th May) of the Winter Competition.

If you have any questions please send us an email at royalshockeywagga@gmail.com.


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