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Peter Doyle, Simone Tolson, Stephen Blackburn, Tim Clark

Welcome aboard St Ayles Skiff rowing at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. We are delighted to partner with Barwon Health in bringing you this opportunity to have some fun rowing our beautiful St Ayles Skiffs boats on Corio Bay.

Crewed by four people rowing and one steering, these boats have their heritage on the Scottish North Sea. Their design heavily influenced by Viking long-boats, they are extremely stable and importantly, very easy to row. No experience of rowing or boating is required and our volunteers will be with you to advise and assist you with every splash of your oar!

While the focus of this program is social rowing for health and fun, there will be opportunities for competition as a measure for your improvement over Leap-into-Spring October and as an end-of-program celebration.

· A self-timed course from the Yacht club around off-shore some buoys and return.

· A ‘Leap-into-Spring’ regatta at the end of the program.

· Those who really love it and want to stay with us beyond Leap-into-Spring, the RGYC will host the Australian St Ayles Skiff championship at our Wooden Boat Festival in March 2024.

We will discuss these options when we meet for you to consider as we row.

Please note as you register here for your first session:-

  1. You are welcome to register as a single but we encourage you to gather as crew of five.
  2. Arrive for your sessions through the main RGYC entrance on Stoney Pier no later than 5:30 for week-day sessions and 10:30 for the Sunday session.
  3. While you will have provided some of your details to ‘Leap-into-Spring’ registration it is a requirement that you complete our RGYC Skiff Rowing registration below to engage our club’s insurance (of you!).
  4. There is a wealth of video content about St Ayles Skiff’s and how to row one available for you on-line. We ask that you watch the short instructional video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=217r_ondpr8 will give you an introduction.


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