Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

2024 Regals Hockey Registration

By completing this registration you are agreeing to all Association(s) and Club(s); rules, guidelines and codes of conduct. 

Any DUAL REGO or TRANSFERRING player that did NOT play for Regals Hockey in 2023, must also download and return a completed NDWHA Player Transfer form: downloaded here.

To register to play for Regals Hockey for 2024 please follow the following steps:
- Click on either the REGISTER or RENEW links below and complete the registration form.
- Click RENEW if you were registered in ANY NSW Hockey Team in 2023.
- Click REGISTER if you were NOT registered to play Hockey in NSW in 2023.
NOTE: You only need to add additional email addresses if you use more than one email.
- At the end of the form, you must enter VISA or MasterCard information to complete the registration form and pay for your 2023 Hockey NSW Fees. $177.21 for 18yrs+ or $108.23 for Under 18yrs or $72.64 for Under 11yrs or $40.69 for Under 8yrs; (includes merchant and handling fees).

- For Team Managers, Coaches and/or Club Officials who are not playing hockey and only participating at a Regals Hockey Club level please select Volunteer ($0)
- In the following days, you will be sent an invoice for your remaining Regals Hockey club fees listed below. This invoice will give you Direct Deposit details.

These instructions are ONLY for members who have ALREADY registered with their PRIMARY NSW Association or Club but will also play with Regals Hockey in 2024.
- Click on RENEWOnly click on RENEW if you have already registered with another NSW Hockey Club or Association for 2024.
- Enter your National Member ID (you would have received this on your receipt email from your Primary Association/Club registration; this is not required but will assist with the search) Last Name, Date of Birth.
- Select your Registration type from the drop-down menu. The system will identify that you are already a member and deduct the Hockey NSW Registration fee from the final cost once you continue to complete this process.
- Then press Renew Membership.
- Ensure your details in the fields specified are correct.
- Complete the payment details as outlined in the form. In most cases, this will only be processed as a $0.01 charge as long as you have already paid your HNSW registration.
- Press the Pay Now button.
Processing may take up to 90 seconds. Do not navigate away from this page after clicking the 'Pay now' button.
Please note: Each member must be registered individually and paid separately.

If you are having any issues with registration, just send an email to
and we will get back to you as soon as we can.