Competition Details

Mixed / Mondays / 6-10pm

Women / Mondays / 6-10pm

Mixed / Thursdays / 6-10pm

Downey Park Netball Assoc.

Sport Rules - Netball

Pricing & Inclusions

*Student teams must be made up of 70% or more current QUT students.

*All players must be registered to RevSport to participate.

*Registration is not a guarantee of a position in competition. Full refund if you're unable to be added to competition.


Teams must register all players before the season commences.

Having trouble registering? Read the registration instructions or contact sports@qut.edu.au.

If you’ve already registered a team but need help inviting team members, have a look at these instructions - Team registered

Competition full or closed ? Fill out this form - Waitlist to be contacted if a position becomes available.


Season Details

Length: 10 weeks

Start date: 11-17 March (Semester week 3)

Season break: 29 March -7 April

No games: 25 April, 1 and 6 May

Finish date: 27 May -2 June (Semester week 13)


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