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Tackers is a great sailing program for kids aged 7 to 12 – it’s fun, safe, and best of all, affordable!

Tackers is an introductory, fun, games-based sailing program using Optimist boats designed for kids aged 7 to 12 delivered at recognised Tackers Centres. Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience and they don’t have to be a member of a club to participate. All the equipment, including the boats, is provided.

There are three levels to the Tackers program that kids can progress through:

  • Tackers 1 – Having Fun
  • Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques
  • Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast!

Each level involves 20 hours of participation structured as a 4-5 day holiday program or as series of sessions over several weeks either on a Saturday or Sunday or after-school. Kids receive a Tackers kit at the start of every program and a certificate of achievement at the end.

Tackers is all about having a great time with other kids, playing loads of games and going on adventures while you learn how to sail together. There isn’t a court, a pitch or an oval like other sports, instead you have a lake or ocean to explore! Instructors and Assistant Instructors are there to teach you how to sail and make sure you are having loads fun at the same time!

When you start sailing in Tackers 1 you will be in a group of 8 Ozi Opti boats and have someone else in the boat with you. There will be up to 16 beginners all learning and having fun together. As you progress to Tackers 2 and 3 you get to sail the boat on your own with a maximum of 8 students per course. You must have completed Tackers 1 before enrolling in Tackers 2 and completed Tackers 2 before enrolling in Tackers 3. Many students repeat a level. They may wish to continue sailing with a friend in the boat for confidence so they do Tackers 1 again. Some students wish to develop on the skills they have just learnt in the course before progressing so stay at that level. Instructors will discuss with parents about their child's ability to progress to the next level.

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