Duty Roster



Round Allocated Team Total Hours
1 12.00pm - 1.30pm BBQ    
    Players 1.5 hrs
2 8am - 1.30pm  BBQ   8am - 1.30pm
    Dolphins 8am - 10am 2 hrs
    Orcas 10am - 12pm 2 hrs
    Gators 12pm - 1.30pm  1.5 hrs
3 Grounds The Posse  am     and    pm 
4 8am - 2pm Canteen    
    Pythons  8am - 10.00am 2hrs
    Panthers  10.00am - 12pm 2 hrs
    Pirates  12pm - 2.00pm 2 hrs

General you Information


- NO CASH - Eftpos only

- MWSA are paying someone to cook the BBQ, volunteers just need to serve.

- MWSA pay someone to make coffee, volunteers just need to serve.

- Payment for BBQ food is at the canteen where you are then given a ticket to pick up your food from the bbq stand.

- Please allocate 2 people per shift for Canteen and BBQ and 3 people per shift for Grounds

- Please ensure helpers arrive on time to their shift

- Gloves and Masks provided by MWSA

- No children under 16yrs.

- Set-up duty starts at 6:30am SHARP - please meet Andrew Young near the canteen and he will explain what needs to be done.

- Pack-up Duty starts after the last game has finished approx 5pm



What can a team manager do if you cannot arrange to cover your duty?


- We have a helper who is willing to be paid for covering any duty at the rate of $20 per hr. Monica Pettitt can be contacted VIA TEXT  on 0490 250 324

- Managers are to co-ordinate coverage and arrange payment directly to the helper.

- If you have any players/parents in your team (over 16yrs) that you think might like to earn extra cash, please email pittwatersoftball@hotmail.com and we can add them to the list of paid helpers as well.



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