Life Members

Life Members of Maccabi FC Caulfield

including life members of NCMJFC and previous since 1978

  • Stephen Singer 2019
  • Sam Gamsu 2012
  • Neil Berlinski 
  • Boris Seroshtan
  • Jonny Landers 
  • Danny Ungar 
  • Malcolm Bulafkin 
  • Ramsay Sapar 


Previous Life Memebrs who have since, sadly, passed on

  • Stephen Rosenthal dec.
  • Max Stern dec.
  • Michael Lowinger dec.


Life memberships of MFCC are not a compulsory annual award like the others are. We take them very seriously and only award them to those members who have gone far above and beyond what is required at the club.

We thank them all for their valuable service to the club over the years.

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