Beginners Course Semester 1 2024
Mon 11 Mar 2024 19:30 — Wed 05 Jun 2024 20:30
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Join the Murdoch Kendo Club as you learn the fundamental basics of Kendo, the way of the sword. Kendo combines the rich traditions of Japanese martial arts with the athleticism and competition of a modern sport.

In this beginners' course, participants will learn the essential foundations of Kendo, including the philosophy and spirit that make Kendo unique. With experienced and friendly instructors, we welcome beginners to join us twice a week to explore Kendo's techniques, etiquette, and community. 

This course will run for 12 weeks. The course will cost $250 and includes:
  • Bamboo sward (shinai)
  • Shinai bag
  • Uniform (Gi and Hakama)
  • Club fees until July 2024
(All equipment and uniform ordered from Tozando)
If needed, we can facilitate payment plans to break down the cost of the course into regular payments.
The first week is free for everyone to try out. Payment will be due after the second week.

Please note that after the course, students will need to pay for a full year membership into the state body (West Australian Kendo Renmei). This membership will provide insurance and allow members to grade and compete. Club fees will not be required until the end of the financial year.