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About us

Established in 1964, the Monash University Badminton Club has a membership base of over 100 players!

Monash Badminton Club is affiliated with Badminton Victoria.

We hold regular badminton social every Friday and Sunday at Monash Sport - Clayton, Stadium Hall.

In 2024, we will host mid-week training sessions to help you improve your skills. Check out the Training page for more info.

We are a mixed group of students, alumni and community players, and welcome players of all levels to come and play!

Occasionally we run events like club internal tournaments and bbq, and bigger events such as the annual Monash Open & Graded tournament.

Players at our club have represented the University at the annual National Division 1 (aka Unigames) against other top universities' players.

Come and join the fun!



2024 Membership

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2024 Monash Badminton Club Training

Feeling like your game could use a boost? πŸ™ŒπŸ» Feeling like you need to improve your badminton skills? βœŠ

More info for 2024 Club Training in Training page (member login required)



Monash Badminton Club Gallery

Photos by our talented photographer: Adam Chua (Instagram)

πŸ“· Monah Badminton Club Gallery πŸ“·

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