Weekly Badminton Social
Fri 26 Jul 2024 6:30PM — 10:30PM
Monash University Badminton Club
Weekly Badminton Social
Sun 28 Jul 2024 2:00PM — 6:00PM
Monash University Badminton Club

Welcome to Monash Badminton Club!

Established in 1964, the Monash University Badminton Club has a membership base of over 100 players and utilises the Monash Sport Stadium at Clayton Campus as its base.

Monash Badminton Club is affiliated with Badminton Victoria.

We hold weekly badminton social every Friday and Sunday.


2024 New players Info

How do I join the club membership?

Go to Membership to join as a club member to start your badminton journey with us! ✨

Looking to improve your skills?

Express your interst to join Monash Badminton Club Training in the Training page. πŸ’«


Monash Badminton Club Gallery

Photos by our talented photographer: Adam Chua (Instagram)

Monah Badminton Club Gallery

URL: https://sites.google.com/view/adamcyfproduction/home/monash-badminton-club?authuser=0

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