Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

MCYS Temporary Membership "SailPass"

MCYS offers guests (non-members) a "SailPass" temporary membership for up to 6 days to be able to participate in a club race, cruise, or other on-water event on specific dates.  

Benefits of SailPass

  • Non-members get a temporary MCYS membership to allow them to crew on a club boat participating in a club event on specific date(s)
  • They are covered by Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance for the days nominated
  • It enables skippers and crew of sail racing boats to comply with the “crew eligibility rule 46” in the new blue book

You can nominate a single day, or multiple days. MCYS allows up to 6 free SailPass days for any one person in a season. After that, in order to continue to participate with MCYS, we ask that you join the club as a Full Member.

How to Obtain a Temporary Membership SailPass

When requesting a SailPass Membership, guests will be registered with the Australian Sailing organization, the governing body for Martha Cove Yacht Squadron, which administers the system. When you first do so, you will be given your own personal AS (Australian Sailing) Number.

If you later want to obtain another SailPass, you simply register again with your existing AS Number. If you forgot your AS number you can search for it on the Australian Sailing website here.

To register for a SailPass temporary membership with MCYS

  • If you already have an Australian Sailing Number - click on the "Returning Member" button below.
  • If you have never had an Australian Sailing Number, click on the "New Member" button below.

and follow the prompts... fill in your personal details, choose SailPass Membership, and nominate which specific date(s) you want.