Okada Sensei Kendo Workshop


Sat 14 Oct 2023 09:30 — Sun 15 Oct 2023 04:30

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Registrations for this event are closed.

Melbourne Budokai (The Kenshikan Dojo) is proud to host the Okada Sensei Kendo Workshop in 2023.

Chief Instructor:
Okada Morimasa Sensei
Kyoshi 8 Dan, Director Shodo Kan Dojo

Assisting Instructors:
Hirokawa Mika Sensei (Kyoshi 7 Dan)
Graduate, Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club

Fuzawa Kohei Sensei (Renshi 7 Dan)
Graduate, Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club

Tominaga Hinano Sensei (5 Dan)
Graduate, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Kendo Club
Member of the Winning Team of the 17th WKC Women’s Team Competition
Winning team member of All Japan Female Student Championship Tournament
2023 All Japan Women’s Championship Tokyo Representative.

Mr. Ito Kei (4 Dan)
Graduate, Tokyo University Kendo Club.


Saturday 14 October -- Sunday 15 October 2023

Monash University - Games Hall,  Clayton Campus
42 Scenic Blvd,
Clayton VIC 3800

$75 - Seniors (Both Days)
$55 - Students (Both Days)
$40 - 1 Day (Saturday OR Sunday)
Under 15's Free

The following content will be covered at the workshop:
• Lecture
• Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho
• Nihon Kendo Kata
• Kendo Basic / Advance Practice
• Keiko


You are also invited to attend MBK's Seminar Dinner:
Ginger Restaurant at the Parkroyal Hotel
Saturday 14 October at 6:30pm
MCity - 872 Blackburn Road

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