Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

University Nationals Registration

Please click either 'returning member' (if you have competed in Nationals in 2022 or 2023), or 'new member' if you haven't competed at Nationals before. 

Please select the registration type that suits you.

Payment Types 

Please see below for the options you have on paying your La Trobe Sport Fee (Accommodation, Team Dinners, Team Uniform). Please note, due to differing fees, taekwondo and fencing rates and payment plans are different.

All Participants (excluding Taekwondo and Fencing)

  • Pay In Full: $845 - you are required to pay your fee in full by June 6. 
  • Payment Plan: $211.25 x 4 - you are required to make your first payment (deposit) by June 6. Please see Payment Plan dates below.


  • Pay In Full: $230

Please note - there is not a payment plan option for Taekwondo.


  • Pay In Full: $805
  • Payment Plan: $211.25 x 4 (4th payment at a reduced to $171.25)

Payment Plans

Students are able to select a payment plan as an option upon registering. Please note, this is not available to Taekwondo students. 

IMPORTANT: Payment plans are due by the alloted dates, Failure to make a payment by the payment plan due date may result in removal from Nationals team. When signing up, you are required to make your first payment plan payment by June 6 (deposit). 

  • Payment Plan 1: June 6 - $211.25
  • Payment Plan 2: July 4 - $211.25
  • Payment Plan 3: August 1 - $211.25 
  • Payment Plan 4: August 22 - $211.25 (fencing $171.25)

Upon signing up, you will be prompted to pay your first payment plan. Within one week of signing up, you will also receive statements for payment plans 2, 3 &4. You will be able to pay through the email link, as well as by signing into your Nationals account. 


Please purchase your uniform add-ons when registering. They are:

  • Long Sleeve: $33
  • Hoodie: $60.50

IMPORTANT: Students must have ordered a uniform add-on through the uniform order list via your team manager to be able to receive one. Additionally, uniform add-ons must be paid at the point of registration, along with the first payment or deposit. 

Travel Details

You will be prompted to let us know the your travel details to Canberra and return. If you are not sure yet, you may skip this section. We will require you to input all travel details by August 22. 

Discount Codes

Please contact the below people for your discount code

  • Team Manager Code: Hayden Atherton (
  • Coach Code: Hayden Atherton (
  • LEAP/ Elite Athlete Code: Michaela Petronia (

Participant Agreement & Refund Policy

The initial deposit will only be refunded if injury or a family bereavement prevents a student from participating at university Nationals. Appropriate documentation must be submitted. 

Please click HERE for full participation agreement.