August 2022 CAF Senior Coach Practical Course


Sun 14 Aug 2022 09:00 — 17:00

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The Senior Coach is a full-day program comprising of mainly practical/hands on coaching activities, with some theory. The Senior Coach course content includes: teaching and Learning concepts, an introduction to basic periodisation and season planning, physiology, introduction to and communication of basic sports science principles, development and correction of skills and fitness, and risk management.

Target Audience

This program is designed to provide training for coaches who are working with club and state level judoka, across a range of age groups and abilities, who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the coach’s role.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  1. Held Coach Judo accreditation for minimum 12 months (exemption for those who have completed an IJF Academy coaching course)

  2. Minimum 18 years of age

  3. 50 hours coaching in past 12 months
  4. First Aid qualification
  5. ASADA Level 1 Online Education
  6. Working with Children Check clearance
  7. Completion of Play by the Rules Online Training
  8. Intermediate Coaching Principles modules
  9. Heads Up Online Course
  10. Minimum grade Shodan
  11. Ability to demonstrate and teach the basic skills of Nage no Kata


Note: Pre-requisites may be completed after attending the practical course.


  • Complete short answer worksheet questions

  • Participation in course activities

  • Practical – demonstration of coaching skills during coaching session of at least 20 minutes duration

Session Modules

  1. Learning Styles & Coaching Implications

  2. Communication Strategies & Feedback Process

  3. Fault Detection and Correction

  4. Inclusive Coaching

  5. Skill Progression

  6. Coaching for Individual Differences

  7. Physiology

  8. LTAD

  9. Periodisation

  10. Mentor Coaching & Self-Improvement


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