Judo NSW DAN Grading [NOV 2023]

Event information

Late registrations for this event are closed.




The Dan Grading will consist of the following components:

  • Opening and bow-in (Rei) - 9:30AM
  • Batsugun (subject to entries) - from 9:30AM
  • Kata examination - following the Batsugun (est. 11:00AM)
  • Technical (Waza) examination - will commence following the Kata


NEW(!) Kodokan 1 Dan to 3 Dan Grading Opportunity

Eligible Judo NSW members undertaking Judo NSW 1-3 Dan Grading can also seek to have their JA Dan grade ratified with the Kodokan.  You will need to complete the follow steps prior to the Judo NSW Dan Grade Closing Dates:

Step 1 – Complete the online Kodokan Membership Application Form – click here

Step 2 – Complete the Judo Australia Kodokan Dan Grade Application – download from Files for Download section below.

Step 3 – pay when required the JA invoice for Kodokan Membership & Kodokan Dan Grading. The relevant fees are outlined in the JA Grading Policy (Appendix E) - download from Files for Download section below.

Note: the Judo Australia Kodokan Dan Grade Application must be submitted via email to bbr@judonsw.com.au by the Dan Grade closing date (ie 29 October 2023).



Judo NSW also provides the opportunity for members to grade to Senior Brown Belt at the Dan Grading.

Designed for candidates belonging to Clubs that are not currently able to grade to the Senior Brown Belt within their Club.

All candidates must be eligible as per the requirements of the JA Grading Policy (2023) and must provide prior approval from their relevant Club Coach. 



All Grading applications (including Batsugun) must be fully completed and submitted with a digital passport-style image to the Judo NSW office (high-quality scanned documents emailed to office@judonsw.com.au) by the following dates:

Applications for 4th & 5th Dan Grade close on Sunday 24 September 2023.  Applications for all other Dan Grades close on Sunday 29 October 2023. 

The following must be included in the Application:

  • List of contest and service points claimed (must be detailed – tournament, opponent’s name and grade, details, and dates of refereeing, coaching or administrative positions held).
  • A completed Judo biography including grading history.
  • The Application form is signed by both the candidate and the relevant club coach. 

The current National JA Grading Policy and relevant Grading Application Forms may be downloaded by clicking on the below links. 

All Enquiries

Phil McDermott via email: bbr@judonsw.com.au

Files for download
JA GRADING POLICY March 2023 Kodokan Dan Grade Application Editable JA Application Form - 1st Dan to 3rd Dan Grading JA Application_Form_–_4th_Dan_to_5th_Dan_Grading Judo NSW 1st KYU Grading Application Form

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