Policies, Rules & Guidelines

1. Player/Parent Requirements and Responsibilities

2. Player and Parent Code of Conduct

3. Other Terms & Conditions


Minimum Player Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Players should be in good physical condition and consult with their physician before the start of the club season to confirm that they do not have any health condition(s) that may be complicated by strenuous physical activities such as training for and/or playing competitive volleyball. Players who require special consideration should contact their coach or IGV staff with relevant reasoning. 

  • The player does NOT and will NOT use illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

  • The player has a positive attitude, is a team-first player, and personally desires to maximize their development and contribution to our club volleyball environment.

  • The player agrees to abide by Ignite Volleyball Academy (hereafter referred to as “IGV”) Rules and Regulations, and any other governing bodies to which the player and IGV are affiliated. Players should also conduct themselves as an honorable member of IGV Academy.


The Player’s Parent and/or Guardian Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • The Player’s Parent and/or Guardian may be asked to demonstrate legal guardianship of the player if requested by IGV or other appropriate governing organization.

  • The Player’s Parent and/or Guardian assumes all responsibility for payment of all costs, fees, and expenses associated with the Player’s participation and membership in IGV.
  • The Player’s Parent and/or Guardian understands that payments are expected to be made on time and in full and that the membership fees are non-refundable without exception (regardless of the Player’s ability to participate in club activities), including early withdrawal or termination from IGV.  If fees become ten (10) days overdue, players may, at the sole discretion of IGV, be subject to immediate partial or full suspension from the program(s).

  • The Player’s Parent and/or Guardian acknowledges that playing volleyball can result in serious injury and the Player’s Parent and/or Guardian assumes all liability for Player injuries resulting from participating in club activities.


IGV Rules and Regulations:

The following rules and regulations are what are expected from all club members and their families. These rules are in addition to any rules set forth by Volleyball New South Wales (VNSW), or other governing bodies.

  • Accountability for ALL events is mandatory.  If a player must miss all or part of ANY event, the coaches and club administrators should be notified as soon as possible before that event.  Decisions resulting from violation of the accountability rules are the sole discretion of IGV and its staff members. 

  • Players should arrive 10 minutes before practice to ensure they are ready once practice begins.

  • For tournaments, players should always have all uniform jerseys available and have all necessary apparel and personal equipment/uniform items.  Arriving late to a tournament or without appropriate jersey(s), equipment, etc. may affect your tournament status and/or role for the team.

  • Club members (including players, parents/guardians, and coaches) should conduct themselves in a manner that is not only becoming to themselves but also as positive representatives of IGV. The way we talk, the way we dress, the way we play – all affect the way people view our club. Strive to present the most positive image possible when at tournaments and practice. Any inappropriate behavior will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with suspension from the club as an option if actions warrant.  Any said suspension does NOT waive your financial obligation.

  • IGV has a no-tolerance policy in regard to illegal activities as well as violations of other governing body (VNSW) rules and guidelines for its members.


I hereby agree that if I fail to conform my conduct to the foregoing while attending any IGV event (which includes practices) I will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to the following in any order or combination:

  • Verbal warning issued by IGV, VNSW or other governing body.

  • Written warning issued by IGV, VNSW or other governing body.

  • Immediate ejection/suspension from a youth sports event issued by IGV, VNSW or other governing body.

  • Suspension from multiple youth sports events issued by IGV, VNSW or other governing body.

  • Season suspension issued by IGV, VNSW or other governing body.


Other Terms and Conditions:

  • IGV reserves the right to change practice times, days, and durations as needed.  All efforts to notify everyone of necessary changes will be made. IGV solely determines the content of instructional practices and the extent to which each player participates during club events.  IGV also has the right to postpone or cancel practices as necessary due to inclement weather, road conditions, facility issues, etc.

  • IGV reserves the right to control entry into the practice facilities. Players and/or visitors may be asked to leave the practice facility or tournament venue at IGVs’ discretion.

  • IGV  reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate a player’s membership for non-adherence to IGV and VNSW policies, non-adherence to practice facility rules, or non-adherence to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation failure to make on-time club payments.

  • IGV reserves the right to utilize player images (photos, video) for promotional tools and recruiting efforts without compensation. IGV also has the right to include player information (such as age and height, as well as other pertinent volleyball statistics) as this agreement will serve as written permission to do so. 

  • The rules and regulations included in this document are NOT inclusive.  Amendments may be made from time to time as necessary.  On all questions regarding the interpretation of and application of the policies, rules, requirements, responsibilities, etc., the decision of IGV shall be final.


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