Sorry, NO DOGS!

Published Sat 14 Mar 2020

Under our RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Plan) which we are required to submit to the Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation to maintain our Liquor Licence, dogs are NOT PERMITTED in our licensed area.


Our licensed area is the full length of both turf fields from the back of the all buildings/shade structures to the field fences and includes the terraces, in front of the Tridan Shed, Just Hockey shop, under shade structures, under the clubhouse verandah and the grassed area at the football end of the clubhouse.


To ensure we are complying with our RAMP so there will be no issues should we have a visit from a Liquor Licensing Officer undertaking an on the spot compliance check, could you please spread the message as widely as possible within your networks that there are to be NO DOGS on the clubhouse side of the fields.


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