Hornsby RSL Hockey Club


Winter 2019 Registrations are now OPEN!!

Published Mon 04 Feb 2019

2019 Winter registrations are Open!

If you are an existing member or a dual member just click 'Renew'.

If you are new to the club then click 'Register'.


Your Registrar is Elizabeth Williams and if you have any questions please e-mail hornsbyhockey@gmail.com 

Active Kids Voucher: See steps below and for more information follow the link:  Active Kids Voucher


Active Kids Voucher opens January 1st - Steps to take

Active Kids Voucher link:  Active Kids Voucher

If you have never applied for an Active Kids Voucher

1 –  click on this  link  Apply-Active-Kids-Voucher  and set up your account
2– Fill out details page.
3 – Find the Services box and click on the 'Active kids' link.
4 – Fill out the Parent details.
5 – Enter the Medicare card details of the Student you would like to enter.
6 – Follow all the steps until you are accepted and they show the screen with your Voucher number. This will now be emailed to the address you provided.
Print this off or save it to your computer

If you already have an account set up with Services NSW

1 –  Click on the link: My ServiceNSW Personal Dashboard 
2 – Click on My Applications as you will need to apply for a new voucher number. The one displayed there is the 2018.
3 – Click on 'Apply for another voucher' and complete the details as requested and the new voucher number will be emailed to you.

Now you can register at hornsbyhockey@gmail.com/registration.