Hornsby RSL Hockey Club


End of Season

Published Mon 27 Aug 2018

With the end of the season, Hornsby RSL Hockey Club has done very well for itself, with both Hornsby 1 and Hornsby 3 in the finals series. Sadly, Hornsby 2 was unable to reach the finals series, but have had a great year of learning each other's game and how to play under Barty, and we hope that they'll see better season results next year!

Hornsby 3 have done amazingly, turning up #2 in the rankings for Division C, and holding the best defensive result in the league. Well done to Elycia and the backs of Hornsby 3, as well as Arran who's done such a great job of coaching them and the rest of Hornsby 3.

Hornsby 1 is delighted to have kicked Mirrabooka's ass in the last game of the season, and much kudos to coach Brett who's been working with them and helping them pull their play together.

Semifinals begin this weekend.

In each division the team in first place plays the team in second place, while the team in third place plays the team in fourth place. This is the semifinals. The winner of first vs second goes straight into the grand final. The loser of first vs. second plays the winner of third vs. fourth the following week in the finals. And the winner of that game goes to play the winner of the first vs. second game in the grand finals.

Good luck to Hornsby 1 and Hornsby 3 in the coming weeks, and Presentation Night will be on Saturday the 22nd - details shortly to come!