Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Welcome to Hale Season 2024

Late Payment Fees

Late payment fees are now in operation for the Junior Program from Year 5 - 12 and the Senior Turf program. 

Fees remain unchanged for Hockey Heroes (PP-Year2); Year 3 /4s; and Grass Hockey. 

If you are a new member to the club or believe that you have due reason not to be charged the late payment fee, please email Macca our registrar at

Registration 2024 – Major Changes

Please read below for detailed information on registration. For those familiar with registration, major changes for 2024 are:

ONLINE PAYMENT PLANS. You can now set up a payment plan to be manged through this registration software. If you would like to have a payment plan for your club fees, please register and select Hockey WA Junior Player Levy or Hockey WA Senior Player Levy as appropriate, and then email the registrar (Macca) to request a payment plan ( . You will be sent an invoice for 4 monthly installments. 

FEE INCREASES. As per the 2023 member vote there are small, incremental fee increases on a yearly basis. Fees have been increased at the same rate as local inflation and will be benchmarked against other clubs in mid 2024. We believe we remain in the middle range of clubs our size and facilities. Hockey Australia have also increased their compulsory levy fee. 

Registration General Details


Hale Hockey Club welcomes hockey players of all ages and abilities. Our Junior girls and boys teams range from Kindergarten to Yr 11/12’s (U/18’s), and our Senior teams range from Masters (O/35, O/40, O/50 & O/60) to competitive Premier 1 teams.


Registration for Hockey WA and Hale will be done together on this site, which is also used to manage the seasons' competitions, results and statistics. If you have any questions please contact Catherine McFarlane - .


There are significant increases to the Hockey Australia levy this year; these are outside of the control of Hale Hockey Club. Players who are aged 19 or over as at 31 Dec 2024 will pay $57.31, while those who are 18 or under will pay $45.31. This applies to competitions from J5/6 and above, and includes personal injury insurance cover. Volunteers, managers, non-playing coaches etc are encouraged to register on RevoSport to be covered by insurance – there is no cost for this.


An explanation of the HA levy increase is here: HA Levy information



In the recent club survey most members said they would prefer yearly fee increases in line with CPI. Unfortunately CPI rose significantly in 2023, and as a result club fees have had to rise by about 6%.

This decision was not taken lightly, our budget does not allow us to absorb any of that cost, especially as we seek to replace the turf in the near future.


Pre-Primary, 1/2s and 3/4s

In 2024 all players in Pre-Primary, 1/2s and 3/4s will have to pay a $22.81 "Hookin2Hockey" levy to Hockey Australia.


We have a new program for PP-Year 2 this year - Hockey Heroes. It's a 12-week program designed to introduce young players to hockey and build their fundamental hockey skills. It has a new hockey-focused curriculum, and coaching by Premier League players. Sessions run on the Hale turf from 4:15 - 5:15 on Friday afternoons, starting 3 May.


For players in Year 3 & 4 we have Hockey Nines. This is an introduction to competitive hockey suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. Training is on Friday afternoons on the grass at the rear of the club, and games are on Saturday mornings at Perry Lakes Reserve.


First year playing Seniors

To encourage players who have just finished school to play Senior hockey we have introduced a "Yr 13" rate, where the fees for first-year Seniors are the same as Yr 11/12 Juniors. This does not apply to Premier League players.

Premier League players in their first year out of Juniors can register as a Uni Student even if they are not attending university.


Goal Keepers

If you are a goalie and have your own kit you can register as GK (for reduced fees) in the relevant category. If you are using Club kit please register as a normal player and pay the full fees.



Discounts from the Hale fees are available only as outlined below. Please contact before you start registering to get the discount code to be used. Discount codes must be used at registration and will not be issued after registration is completed.



Hale is an approved KidSport club. KidSport enables eligible children to participate in community sport by offering financial assistance of up to $300 per year towards club fees. To find out if your child is eligible for this funding, please visit the KidSport page on the DLGSC website. If your KidSport voucher is approved, you will receive an email with a unique validation code for the voucher. This must be sent to to enable the club to claim the money from the Council.


Family Discount

There is a revised Family Discount for this season. If you have 3 or more Junior players from the same family then the 3rd (and subsequent) Junior is eligible for a 30% discount. Please apply the discount code Juniors3+ on page 4 when registering the youngest player(s).



If you are a FIFO worker who is away from Perth and unavailable for some games please contact for a discount code.



Volunteer Donations

In the 2021 club survey 70% of members said they would volunteer to help the club save costs. We are trying to keep fees as low as possible and are relying on volunteers to do this. If you are part of the 30% that would rather pay higher fees than volunteer, your donation will be greatly appreciated and you can sit back with clear conscience as the season unfolds 😊.

If you are happy to volunteer and not donate simply press “Next step”.


Juniors playing regular Seniors

There are opportunities at the club for juniors to play in senior teams. This is based on senior team numbers and development opportunities. Opportunities can vary in the Womens and Mens programs. Please select your Junior age group, then on the following page under “Add-ons” select Juniors playing regular Seniors. This is not required if this will be your first season playing Seniors.

Please do not register as Premier League (Div 1-3) - (18 & under). THis is selection based.



We strongly encourage all members to pay the HA levy and Club registration up front, but if this is not possible please contact


Please note: ALL fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the 2024 season.


Note: The total amount on the payment page includes a fee of 2.0% + $1.60 charged by RevoSport. Again, this is not controllable by Hale Hockey Club. VISA or Mastercard only, AMEX is not accepted.



Requests for refunds must be made to the Registrar in writing, and will be considered according to the circumstances. The club is under no obligation to grant refunds of any fees.

Any Juniors seeking a refund after team selections may be subject to a $100 administration fee.


Important if you played at another Hockey WA club last season and are registering with Hale as a new club, please use Returning Member. The system considers you as returning to HockeyWA.


If you receive an error message preventing you from proceeding with the renewal of your membership, please contact