Returning to row update – Zoom meeting link

Published Mon 20 Jul 2020

Returning to row update – Zoom meeting link

If you are recently back on the water (or planning to), you need to keep up-to-date with safety steps and helpful info on getting back on the water. 

For info on the following, check the webinar recoding here:

The webinar covers the following:

  • check-list of what you need to do;
  • steps to help the club stay COVID safe around the shed; and
  • regatta and club row dates and hope to get race ready.


Reminder about staying COVID-safe at the Shed

As you all will have noticed, NSW is reintroducing certain restrictions in light of the Casula hotel cluster and the spreading number of infections in NSW.  As such, it’s even more important than ever to follow these rules, and we hope that the situation won't get any worse and require us to limit rowing as we have had to do previously.

Here are the restrictions currently in place at the Shed.  Please read them again and remind yourselves of them at the Club.  And if you need another reminder, the rules have been posted on the GRC website!

And an additional reminder to start writing your names, times and crews in the book again – it is essential that we have a record of who is at the Shed all the time.

DO NOT:       

  • enter the shed if you feel unwell - this includes also any non-COVID related symptoms
  • enter the shed if you think you might have been exposed to COVID
  • hand over boats at the pontoon - boats must be washed after every use
  • use the showers

DO - Rowing:

  • Keep 1.5 m apart whenever possible
  • Max. of 6 people per bay downstairs
  • Book boats through Sports Noticeboard
  • Doubles and quads can be rowed
  • Try and keep constant crews as much as possible
  • Wash down all oar handles in soapy water after use
  • Wash down inside and outside of boats after every use - no handing over boats at the pontoon

DO - Indoor Training:

  • Book in Sports Noticeboard your gym session - Gym 1, Gym 2 etc
  • Max. 8 people upstairs, max. 6 people on gym equipment
  • Wash your hands with soap before and after gym session
  • Clean equipment after every use with sanitiser

Any questions please refer to Brad, Fran or Luke.


Do I have to book boats at a specific time?

No, as the number of people that can row at any time (6 per bay) is limited, you do not  have to adhere to the usual (5:15-6:30/6:30-8) time slots anymore if not possible.  When booking a boat make sure that it aligns with the maximum of 6 people per bay rule.  Best to keep 15 min difference to other people to allow enough time for crews to get boats onto the water.

What happens if I book a single but there is a quad and two other singles already in the bay getting their boat ready?

As there is a maximum of 6 people per bay – if you would be the 7th person, you would need to wait until at least 1 person has gone from the bay.

Do I have to wash my boat?

Yes, with soapy water as usual. Wash inside and outside after every use. Wash oar handles after every use. Always use soap!

Can I hand over my boat at the pontoon if someone else has booked it after me?

No, you must wash your boat and oars after every use.

Can I help someone else with their boat?

Yes you can but try to keep 1.5 m distance whenever possible.

Can I row any boat?

You are allowed to row any general use boat but you can only book black boats that you have been given permission to row.

If you have any other questions in relation to the closure of the Club, please direct them to