GRC Weekly Update for 16 July 2021

Published Fri 16 Jul 2021

This Week’s Highlights

  1. Current GRC COVID Rules - Shed is Closed Until Further Notice
  2. LTR and Coaching for Members
  3. Online train-together is back (times and links provided)
  4. Online Ergo Training - Sundays
  5. Blackwattle Bay development update - get involved
  6. 2021/22 Membership Renewals Are Now Late - Another Reminder - Renew here
  7. Regattas
  8. Events
  9. Boats Out of Action
  10. Key Contacts and Documents


Current GRC COVID Rules - Shed is Closed Until Further Notice

Stay well and get as much activity as you can.

See you back in the shed as soon as we’re allowed.


LTR and Coaching for Members

We are planning a new LTR course with a paid coach running the course.

Please contact Fran and Nick if you are interested.


Online train-together is back (times and links provided)

Like last lockdown, we have set up some times to train-together online from home. 

Sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Regular links and times noted below.  Text Nick Galea (0436 360 131) if interested or having trouble with the link.

We will do this workout together plus a bit of stretching and mobility exercises.


Online Ergo Training - Sundays

If you have an ergo at home and want to join the Saturday morning train-together session (for a bit of coaching and extra motivation) please text Nick (0436 360 131).


Blackwater Bay Development Update - Reminder

We have recently been given word about the latest stage in the planning processes that target development around the Bay.  The Blackwattle Bay Precinct Study (link here) has been released by InfrastructureNSW. 

The club is being consulted on these early stage plans for the development of the Bank Street areas (the old Fish Market site).  The precinct study proposes some significant marina and wharf development so we will need to be active in this next stage of consultation. 

GRC member Jacob White has been working with the Committee to organise our point of view and we have recently joined with other canoeing, rowing and dragon boat clubs to form the Bays Water Club Collective to put forward a combined voice to Government about the impact of proposed development on recreational water use. 

We need you to keep informed and play a role.  At this stage please:

  1. Join the Bays Water Club Collective Facebook page -
    Have a read of the submission posted on the page.
  2. Fill out this survey -
    It’s how we are providing feedback to the government about the interests and concerns of club members on the encroaching shoreline. Thanks to Ollie Klotz for setting up the survey.

Blackwattle Bay Precinct Study - background info

The ‘Study’ is the government’s plan for the first part of the bigger ‘Bays Precinct’ redevelopment. While much of the public commentary to date has revolved around the heights of the new buildings, there are a number of other negative changes that have gone unreported and that will impact on our operations and on the health of the harbour. 

These impacts are covered in the submission on the facebook page and we are planning, with the help of other clubs, to look at ways at bringing the issues to light.


2021/22 Membership Renewals Are Now Late - Another Reminder

If you have not renewed you are now late.

Renew now by going and selecting RENEW: Membership Renewal

If you have questions please contact Bri or Jeff.



Entries: to the Regatta Secretary by the Friday of the week before the regatta, i.e. minimum of 8 days prior.

Race fees: Have sufficient funds in your race fee account or you will not be entered. If in doubt, contact the Treasurer. Top up your account: PayPal/Credit Card or Direct Deposit




Boats Out of Action

The following boats are out of action:

  • None

The following boats are fragile and need careful handling:

  • Ken Main
  • Hughie Williamson
  • Reg Stride
  • Charlie Smith


Key Contacts and Documents

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