GRC Weekly Update for 13 August 2021

Published Fri 13 Aug 2021

This Week’s Highlights

  1. Updated GRC COVID Rules - Singles from Monday 16 August
  2. GRC: 40 x 20 Challenge - Weekly Awards
  3. AGM 29 August at 10am via Zoom - Register Here
  4. Online Train Together: New Sessions
  5. Regattas
  6. Other Events
  7. Boats Out of Action
  8. Key Contacts and Documents


Updated GRC COVID Rules - Singles from Monday 16 August

We are keen  to get members back down to the club and out on the water.  We are going ahead with opening the shed on Monday for single sculling only.  This plan is, of course, subject to amendment at any time.

Here are the compulsory boating procedures. These are based on making sure people rowing comply with current NSW Health rules. For any questions please contact Nick or Fran.

  1. Single sculling:
    1. Booking:
      1. Time slots must be booked on-line (including privately owned boats).  Spaced by 30 minutes to allow entry/exit
      2. Row in Daylight hours only
      3. Two singles at a time allowed - i.e. one per bay
    2. Entering:
      1. Must park on the street (school grounds off limits)
      2. Must scan the QR code
      3. Must wear mask until on the water
      4. Max two people max in the shed at anytime
    3. Launching:
      1. Ready your boat from the front of the shed
      2. Wear a mask till you get on to the water
    4. Rowing:
      1. No coaching boats will be on the water
      2. Wear high visibility colours
      3. Take care for extra construction traffic
      4. Keep an eye out for other rowers
    1. Returning:
      1. Wait on the water to give people time to get out of the shed
      2. Mask back on till you get out of the shed
      3. Wash boats and oars down thoroughly with soap and water
      4. Dry your boat with your own towel.
  1. Ergs
    1. Book a slot on-line
    2. Max two ergs at a time
    3. Ergs stored inside at the carpark end of the shed.
    4. Move ergs out onto the grass by the side of the shed the school carpark when in use (not in the car park)
    5. Masks except when you’re actually sitting on the machine
    6. Pre/post santise the machine with provided materials
  1. Abide by the law and health orders.
    1. We’re not going to re-document every health order and requirement: QR code check-in, 5/10km travel limits, don’t come down if you’re feeling unwell, etc., it’s your responsibility to know what you’re allowed to do and not allowed to do. You will be on public display and there are active Police compliance patrols in the area. Just saying.


GRC: 40 x 20 Challenge - Weekly Awards

Just when you thought it’s over - it’s not. The 20x20 challenge has morphed into the 40x20 challenge.

Some of us, your correspondent included, didn’t realise the extension and have been left in the dust. 😢

This week’s awards:

  • Hidden Talents:
    • Zachary Hyde - 1st M Under 16 1,000m Indoor Series 1
    • Oliver Klotz - 1st M Under 19 1,000m Indoor Series 1
  • Most Unstoppable: Kate still no missed days and no cheat days💪😲

Check out everyone’s progress: 40x20 Challenge.

Thanks to Nick, Micah, Fran and Julia for leading virtual sessions.



AGM 29 August at 10am via Zoom - Register Here and Now!

This year’s AGM is being held via Zoom, ‘coz, you know, COVID.

So we can confirm attendance and count votes to abide by the constitution all attendees need to register.

To attend you must also be a fully financial member. Renew now: Membership Renewal


Online Train Together: New Sessions

Fran, Nick, Micah, and Julia are all running live on-line sessions this week to keep you moving and motivated. Thank you.

Here are the session links:

  • Monday 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Cardio (Micah) Join Here
  • New! Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm -Low Impact, Mobility (Fran) Join Here
  • Wednesday 7:00am - 7:45am - Strength and Core (Nick) Join Here
  • Thursday 7:15am - 8:00am - Yoga (Julia) Join Here
  • New! Friday 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Low impact, Mobility (Fran) Join Here
  • Saturday 8:00am - 9:00am - Erg training (Nick) Join Here
  • New! Saturday 9:30am - 10:30am - Low Impact, Mobility (Fran) Join Here
  • Sunday 7:00am - 7:45am  - Strength and Core (Nick) Join Here

Text Nick Galea (0436 360 131) if interested or having trouble with the link.



Ergometer: Contact Nick if you want to participate in the indoor rowing series and need an erg.

Entries: to the Regatta Secretary by the Friday of the week before the regatta, i.e. minimum of 8 days prior.  For Indoor Regattas, register individually here.

Race fees: Have sufficient funds in your race fee account or you will not be entered. If in doubt, contact the Treasurer. Top up your account: PayPal/Credit Card or Direct Deposit





Boats Out of Action

The following boats are out of action:

  • None

All of our boats are fragile, however the following need extra care:

  • Ken Main
  • Hughie Williamson
  • Reg Stride
  • Charlie Smith


Key Contacts and Documents

Link to: Key Contacts and Documents

Take the GRC Knowledge test

Fill out the Incident/Maintenance Report Form for ANY issue, ANY boat, ANY time.