GRC Coronavirus Update - 16 March 2020

Published Mon 16 Mar 2020

While we don’t wish to be alarmist about the coronavirus, and we are not proposing to close the Club at this stage, you need to know that the Club equipment (including gym equipment, change rooms, oars and boats) is used by many members and we can't guarantee in any way that our members have not had contact with, or don’t have, COVID-19.

We strongly recommend that all members take the following measures to protect themselves and the wider community, while understanding that you are attending the club at your own risk.

We recommend that you:

  • avoid using ergometer and gym equipment (i.e. do land training at home)
  • avoid showering at the club
  • avoid rowing in large crew boats (i.e. concentrate on singles, pairs and doubles)

We request that any member who falls within the recommended guidelines for self-isolation stay away from the Club for at least the minimum period of self-isolation, and that this recommendation applies to every change of government policy in relation to this virus.

Finally, if you contract the virus, please let the Committee know immediately (email Julie on  so that we can advise other members who has been in close contact with you at the Club or during a Club-related activity to take precautions as advised by the Government. Your confidentiality will be respected.


Below are some helpful government links:


If we make any further decisions in relation to Club use, we will be in further contact immediately.