Current GRC COVIDSafe Rules

Published Wed 01 Sep 2021

Shed COVID Rules 

Under the current covid restrictions the clubhouse is simply a shed where we store boats. All activities should be outside including getting ready to go out and washing boats. Please spend minimal time in the shed.

Single sculls:


  • Time slots must be booked on-line including privately owned boats.  

  • We are now trialling 15 minute time slots

  • When you book, please check other bookings in the system and ensure your booking will not overlap - no more than 2 people at the shed at any time

  • If you arrive and there are already 2 people at the shed, please wait

  • Similarly, if there are 2 people on the pontoon, wait until they are clear. If returning to the pontoon, give them time to clear the shed.

Entering the shed:

  • No parking in school grounds. Park on the street 

  • Must scan the QR code

  • Must wear mask until on the water

  • Max two people max in the shed at anytime

  • Write your name in the book

  • Wear a mask till you get on to the water 

Rowing and Safety:

  • No coaching boats will be on the water

  • No rowing in the dark. If you row near dawn or dusk, ensure you have strong lights. If the street lights are on, you need lights

  • At all times, wear high visibility clothing

  • Take care for extra construction traffic 

  • Keep an eye out for other rowers

  • Wash boats and oars down thoroughly with soap and water

  • Dry your boat with your own towel

  • Mark your name as returned in the book.


Ergs and Stationary Bike

  • Book a slot on-line

  • Move erg/bike out onto the grass by the side of the shed (not in the car park) or in front of the shed

  • Masks except when you’re actually sitting on the machine

  • Pre/post santise the machine with provided materials


Abide by the law and health orders.

QR code check-in, 5/10km travel limits, don’t come down if you’re feeling unwell, etc. It’s your responsibility to know what you’re allowed to do and not allowed to do. You will be on public display.