Covid Rules @ 80% Vaccination - 5 November 2021

Published Thu 11 Nov 2021

COVID Rules with 80% vaccination

GRC procedures are based on Rowing NSW Guidelines. Links to NSW Health COVID-19 rules, Public Health Orders and COVID-19 Boating update are contained in the Rowing NSW Guidelines document.

We rely on you to comply with public health orders and we may be required to check your proof of vaccination. What you can row depends on your vaccination status.  Get your vaccination status linked to your phone.

What you need to know:

Can I come down?

  • If fully vaccinated: anyone can come to the club

  • If not fully vaccinated: you can only come to the club if you live within 5km

Using the shed 

  • Keep 1.5 m apart whenever possible

  • A maximum of 6 people in one bay (at all times). Maintain distances with an Eight

  • Always scan the QR code

  • Wear a mask at all times upstairs. While we recommend wearing masks at all times, they are no longer required downstairs or to the boat

  • Always book your row in the Sports Noticeboard (including for private boats)

Note: Try and keep to 6 bookings per 15 minute time slot (any more and you are going to need to wait and cause others to wait) 

What can I row in?

  • If vaccinated: Singles, Doubles/Pairs, Quads/Fours, and Eights (with supervision) (If rowing in crew boats, try keep consistent partners please)

  • If not fully vaccinated: Singles only

Can I train indoors yet?

  • The gym equipment can now be used f

  • Max 8 people upstairs (4sqm rule), 6 people using gym equipment. Open windows and balcony doors for maximum ventilation 

  • Ergs and stationary bike will remain downstairs to continue training outside

DO NOT:       

  • enter the shed if you feel unwell - this includes also any non-COVID related symptoms

  • enter the shed if you think you might have been exposed to COVID

  • use the showers