Boat Shed – Further Re-Opening from 1 July

Published Thu 02 Jul 2020

From 1 July there are some further lifting of restrictions permitting usage of crew boats and gym equipment.  Obviously this comes with a few "rules" to keep everyone safe:

DO NOT        

  • Do not enter the shed if you feel unwell - this includes also any non-Covid related symptoms 
  • Do not enter the shed if you think you might have been exposed to Covid
  • Hand over boats at the pontoon - boats must be washed after every use 
  • Do not use the showers


  • Keep 1.5 m apart whenever possible 
  • Max. of 6 people per bay downstairs.
  • Please book boats through Sports Noticeboard again from 1 July
  • Doubles and quads can be rowed
  • Try and keep constant crews as much as possible 
  • Please wash down all oar handles in soapy water after use
  • Please wash down inside and outside of boats after every use - no handing over boats at the pontoon


  • Please book in Sports Noticeboard your gym session , these will be Gym 1, Gym 2 etc
  • Max. 8 people upstairs, max. 6 people on gym equipment
  • Wash your hands with soap before and after gym session
  • Clean equipment after every use with sanitizer
  • Any questions please refer to Brad, Fran or Luke.


Do I have to book boats at a specific time?

No, as the number of people that can row at any time (6 per bay) is limited you do not  have to adhere to the usual (5:15-6:30/6:30-8) time slots anymore if not possible. When booking a boat make sure that it aligns with the maximum of 6 people per bay rule. Best to keep 15 min difference to other people to allow enough time for crews to get boats  onto the water. 

What happens if I book a single but there is a quad and two other singles already in the bay getting their boat ready?

As there is a maximum of 6 people per bay in the case that you would be the 7th person you would need to wait until the bay has cleared. 

Do I have to wash my boat?

Yes, with soapy water as usual. Wash inside and outside after every use. Was oar handles after every use. Always use soap!

Can I hand over my boat at the pontoon if someone else has booked it after me?

No, you must wash your boat and oars after every use. 

Can I help someone else with their boat?

Yes you can but try to keep 1.5 m distance whenever possible. 

Can I row any boat?

You are allowed to row any general use boat but only black boats that you have been  given permission to row.