2019 Competition Results

2019 Competition Results 

Tinies - Division 6

Bayside - HC Freearm, HC Rods, HC Character Dance, HM Song.

Northern - HC Freearm, HC Rods, HC Character Dance, HC Song.

CVI - HM Freearm, 1st Rods, SM Character Dance, HC Song.

Westside - SM Freearm, SM Rods, HC Character Dance, 3rd Song.


Sub-Juniors - Division 8 

Greater Valley - Aggregate Winners - 1st March, 1st Clubs, 1st Freearm, 2nd Rods, 1st Aesthetics, 1st Song & Dance

Mt Districts - Aggeregate Winners - 1st March, 1st Clubs, 3rd Freearm, 3rd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 1st Song & Dance

Northern - Aggregate Winners -  1st March, 1st Clubs, 1st Freearm, 1st Rods, 1st Aesthetics, 1st Song & Dance

Westside - Aggregate Winners -  2nd March, 2nd Clubs, 1st Freearm, 1st Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, HM Song and Dance

CVI - Aggregate Winners - 1st March, 3rd Clubs, 1st Freearm, 1st Rods, HM Aesthetics, 1st Song and Dance


Juniors - Division 7 

Greater Valley - HM March, 3rd Clubs, 3rd Freearm, HM Rods, HM Aesthetics, HM Revue

CVI -  3rd Clubs, HM Freearm, 2nd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, HC Revue

Mt Districts - HM March, 3rd Clubs, HM Freearm, HM Aesthetics, HC Revue

Westside - HM March, 3rd Clubs, HM Freearm, 1st Freearm, HM Aesthetics, HM Song and Dance

RSSS - HC Clubs, HM Freearm, HM Rods, HM Aesthetics, HM Song and Dance


Inters - Division 7

Greater Valley - HM March, SM Clubs, 2nd Freearm, 2nd Rods, HM Aesthetics, 2nd Dance Arrangement

CVI - HC March, HM Clubs, 3rd Freearm, 3rd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 3rd Dance Arrangement

Mt Districts - 2nd March, 3rd Clubs, 1st Freearm, 3rd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 1st Dance Arrangement

Northern - 3rd March, 1st Clubs, 1st Freearm, 3rd Rods, 2nd Aesthetics, 2nd Dance Arrangement

Westside - HM March, HM Clubs, 3rd Freearm, HM Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, HM Song and Dance

* Inters competed with 6 team members in 2019.  These results are without the 5 point penalty for less than minimum numbers.


Seniors - Division 7 

Mt Districts - Reserve Aggregate Winners - 3rd March, 2nd Clubs, 1st Freearm, HM Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 1st Revue

Northern - HM March, HM Clubs, 2nd Freearm, 2nd Rods, 2nd Aesthetics, 3rd Revue

Westside - Reserve Aggregate Winners - HM March, HC Clubs, 1st Freearm, 2nd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 1st Revue

RSSS - Reserve Aggregate Winners -2nd March, HM Clubs, 1st Freearm, 2nd Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, 2nd Revue

CVI - Aggregate Winners - 1st March, HC Clubs, 2nd Freearm, 2nd Rods, 1st Aesthetics, 1st Revue


Masters - Division 8

Greater Valley - 2nd March, 2nd Clubs, 2nd Freearm, HM Rods, 2nd Aesthetics, 3rd Revue

Westside - 3rd March, 3rd Clubs, HC Freearm, HC Rods, 3rd Aesthetics, HM Revue

CVI - HC Clubs, HC Freearm, HC Aesthetics, HC Revue

Westernport - HC March, 3rd Aesthetics


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