Round,Grade,Game date,Venue,Time,Home,Away,Umpires,Label Round 1,A1 Men,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,15:30,Norths,CBC,, Round 1,A1 Women,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,14:20,CBC,Mines,, Round 1,A2 Men,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,13:10,Norths,CBC,, Round 1,A2 Women,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,16:40,Norths,CBC,, Round 1,J9/12 Boys,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,12:00,YMHC,Mines,Keith Wetton; Jeff Needham, Round 1,J9/12 Girls,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,10:50,Pegasus,CBC,, Round 1,J3/8 Boys,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,09:40,YMHC,Mines,, Round 1,J3/8 Girls,2024-05-19,EGHA Field Hire - with lights,08:30,Pegasus,Norths,,