Badge & Progression Criteria


Badge Levels are designed to help divers (and parents!) track their progress. Each badge level has a specific set of skills taught. Once a diver is able to perform all of these skills to an appropriate standard (three times), they’ll receive a keychain badge and certificate from their coach and progress to the next level.

Divers are able to remain in the same intro to diving lesson as they progress up to Badge 3, Learn 2 Dive until Badge 5 and Learn 2 Dive Plus until badge 9. From there, it's onto squads! Badges are still able to be progressed within the Blue and Yellow Squads as well (bronze to diamond).

Divers will hopefully be able to recognise from the table below what skills they are currently able to perform. Some divers may progress through the levels faster than others - due to number of lessons attended, skills acquired and other factors. There is no one size fits all and we recognise and support each child developing and attaining skills at their own pace. 

We hope this system will give divers and parents a clear way to understand and track progress. Divers and parents should be able to see what skills are currently being worked on, and what things our coaches are likely to be working on next!

An example of the DSA Badge certificate


Below are the skills for each badge level. You can also download the Badge System PDF  at the bottom of this page.

Information on Competition Skills and Levels is provided in the link below.

Additionally, information defining the skills to achieve to move from one training group to the next is listed under Progressions Criteria.