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Learn to Dive

Wayde - Thursday, Friday & Sunday

Wayde takes our Learn to Dive classes on Thursday and Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. He is a qualified level 1 coach.

Wayde started diving late at the age of 18, it was something he enjoyed but wasn’t sure if he would stick with it. Wayde was then asked to assist at national events, and found that he thoroughly enjoyed announcing and volunteering. Over 25 years after he started, Wayde is still here, and still enjoying it. Wayde’s career highlight as a Diver was to win the Australian Senior Men’s Champion in the early 90’s, and as a coach he can proudly say, he has coached an Olympian, Robert Newbery (when he first came along to trydiving for about 2 lessons). Wayde swears that dealing with kids during the week keeps him young, and loves watching the kids achieve and being a positive influence in their lives.


Elizabeth R - Monday & Wednesday (Masters)

Elizabeth takes the Learn to Dive classes on Monday evenings and also our Masters Learn to Dive on Wednesday evenings. She is a qualified level 1 coach. Elizabeth also is a diver herself in Squad 3, which helps her to really understand what she is looking for.





Maddy R - Sunday 

Maddy coaches alongside Wayde for the Sunday lessons. She is a qualified level 1 coach. 

Maddy is herself a diver and is very interested in coaching. She loves to learn about diving and sharing the things that she learns with others.


Laura F - Monday

Laura coaches with Elizabeth R on Monday evenings. She is a qualified level 1 coach.

Laura is one of our newer coaches and is herself a diver within the High Performance program.



Elizabeth M - Wednesday & Thursday

Elizabeth M coaches the Wednesday and Thursday evening Learn to Dive classes. She is a qualified level 1 coach.

Elizabeth is one of our newer coaches and is herself is a diver in Squad 3. 


Allie - Tuesday & Saturday

Allie (Alexandria) coaches Learn to Dive classes on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. She is a qualified level 1 coach.

Allie is one of our newer coaches and is herself a diver within the High Performance program.


Emily - Friday 

Emily coaches the Friday evening Learn to Dive classes with Wayde. She is a qualified level 1 coach.

Emily is one of our newer coaches and is herself a diver in Squad 2.






Chloe - Squad 3 

Chloe is the current coach for Squad 3. She is a qualified level 2 coach.

Chloe has been with Diving SA since she started diving herself in 2010. In 2015, she became a coach and has been enjoying giving back to the sport she loves. As a diver, her highlight would be at the 2019 Age Nationals where she finished 1st in 3m, 2nd in 1m, 3rd in Platform and 2nd in synchro. Chloe enjoys being able to be a part of helping kids achieve their goals and feels rewarded every time she helps someone learn something new and succeed. She is also a qualified judge and a current member of the Diving SA Admin team.



Tom - Squad 2     

Tom is the current coach for Squad 2 and the Accelerate Program. He is a qualified level 2 coach.

Tom started diving in 2016 when he was 15, and became a coach in 2021. He wold describe himself as an uncoordinated diver but a huge thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. He has competed in multiple Age National competitions with one of his career highlights being that he temporarily held a platform state record. You may also see him judging at diving competitions as he loves to take every opportunity to learn how to get the best scoring dives that can be passed onto his athletes.  



Sherree - Squad 1

Sherree currently coaches Squad 1 on Monday evenings and Sunday mornings, and also our Come n' Try lessons on Sunday mornings during term time. She is a qualified level 2 coach.


Suzie - Squad 1

Suzie coaches Squad 1 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. She is a qualified level 1 coach.


Laura T - Holiday (for now!)

Laura is currently on a well deserved break from coaching. 

Laura began diving during 2008 and fell in love with the sport. After diving for 7 years and participating in a number of national events though this time she decided to start coaching. Laura began coaching to give back to a sport that has given her so much over the of years and to pass on that enjoyment to future divers. Coaching has brought Laura so much enjoyment over the last couple of years that there is no clear highlight for her. She enjoys the little triumphs that occur on a day to day basis and the excitement for what is to come in both developing her divers and what else she can learn. 


Zack - Holiday (for now!)

Zack is currently on holiday. He will be returning for the start of 2024.






Maddie L - Saturday

Maddie is a trainee coach and she is being supervised by qualified coaches in her training. She currently is in on Saturdays where she assists Allie in coaching Learn to Dive.

Maddie is a diver herself within the High Performance Program



Non-DSA Coaches

Andy - SASI (Senior High Performance)

You may see Andy on pool deck coaching the SASI divers. Andy has a long and successful history in diving coaching, having previously been involved in the development process of athletes such as Tom Daley and Tonia Crouch in Great Britain.


Amber - Junior High Performance

You may see Amber on pool deck coaching the High Performance Squad. Amber herself was a diver with DSA for many years and is now an Exercise Physiologist. 


Lily - National Talent Program

You may see Lily on pool deck coaching the
National Skills Squad. Lily has been involved in
the sport of diving for over 11 years. She has
been an Elite Diver with the South Australian
Sports Institute since she was 14 years of age.
She has competed nationally and internationally several times for the Women’s 10 Metre Platform event. In 2020, Lily was awarded the ‘Peoples Choice Credit Union Women in Sport Scholarship’. Lily is a part of the NextGen32 coaching group which works to develop the skills of current coaches to continue their development into Senior Coaches for our home Olympics in 2032.


Duncan - SASI Coaching Assistant

You may see Duncan occasionally on pool deck assisting Andy, Amber and Lily in their coaching. Duncan has been involved in diving for quite a few years and has coached divers of all levels and in many different cities. Most recently he was a coach at DSA for 6 years before becoming a coaching assistant for the High Performance Program.