Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Welcome to Central Hockey Club 2024 Hockey Season

The 2024 Hockey Australia Levy must be paid before you participate in any indoor (including the current 2023-24 season) or any 2024 outdoor (including Masters, social, etc) competition including training, trials, etc.

Registering now via the Central site will ensure you are considered as teams are selected and will ensure we communicate with you. All coaches and managers also need to register for the 2024 season.

Registration is best undertaken in two steps:

Step 1: If you have not already dome so pay the relevant Hockey Australia Levy.

The Hockey Australia Levy has to be paid by credit card at the time of registering (if not already paid). This goes directly to Hockey Australia and does not go via the Club’s accounts. Doing your registration in two steps means you can choose to pay the Club fee via either credit card (with associated fees) or subsequently via direct transfer.

Step 2: Re-enter your details and select the relevant add-on by choosing the upgrade option.

Registration process

If you have registered within the Revolutionise system (for any club or in any state) at any time previously click on the Returning Member button below and enter your Name and Date of Birth and, if you know it, your National ID number.

If the system requires your National ID number and you do not know it, please ask your Section Coordinator, previous club or HACT Competition Coordinator. Please record the ID number for future use.

If you haven't registered for any Club in the Revolutionise system previously (since Revolutionise was first used) click on the New Member button below and follow the prompts to complete the personal information and registration questions.

Hockey Australia Levy select either:

Hockey Australia - Senior Player Levy - 2024 (if turning 19 or older in 2024): $57.31.

Hockey Australia - Junior Player Levy 2024 (if 18 and Under in 2024): $45.31.

Non-Player Coach: $0.00

Non-Player Umpire/Official (if non-playing umpire, manager, Board or committee member): $0.00

Non-Playing Member: $0.00

As you complete your registration, please review the personal information (eg email address) and registration questions to ensure the answers are still up-to-date but do not (at this stage) select an add-on (eg Grade) unless you want to pay the full amount by Credit card.

Team Fees

After you have paid the Hockey Australia Levy, you will be asked to upgrade your membership and be asked to re-sign in. Select the upgrade option and reselect the Levy you have already paid (you will not be charged again). This will then provide you with a list of add-ons from which you can select the appropriate junior or senior grades you wish to play in. You can select both a senior and junior grade. If the grade you select (eg CL2) ends up being different from the grade you are selected in (eg SL1) the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

If you do not wish to pay by credit card, select the payment plan option.

The final screen will say that an invoice has been raised but will also present a credit card option. You can just exit from this screen.



The discount for a junior playing both junior and seniors with Central can be claimed by selecting the relevant senior team class and also selecting “Junior Player Playing Seniors”. This will apply the discount to the junior fee. The full senior fee will apply.

The discount for a family with three or more players playing for Central or for a full-time student (university, CIT and 1st and 2nd year apprentices) can be claimed by selecting the relevant team class and also selecting the relevant discount class. Only one of these discounts can apply per member. In the discount classes "F" = Family, "S" = Student, "WK" = With Kit (for goalies) and "CK" = Club kit (for goalies) eg select "CL1F" for a family discount on that member's CL1 fees.

If you want to claim a Discount write down the relevant Code below as you will need to enter this during the registration. The Discount codes are:

Discount Category                                  Code    10% Discount

CL1 Family member                                    CL1F         $72

CL1 Student                                                 CL1S         $72

CL2 Family member                                    CL2F         $67

CL2 Student                                                 CL2S         $67

Senior Goalkeeper                                      SGKF         $30

SL grades Family member                          SLF            $59

SL grades Student                                       SLS            $59

Under 10 Family member                          U10F           $17

Under 12 Goalkeeper Family member     U12GKF       $13

Under 12 - 18 Family member                  U18F             $29

Under 14-18 Goalkeeper using Club kit   U18GKCKF    $29

Under 14-18 Goalkeeper using own kit   U18GKWKF     $12

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Canberra Labor Club (CLC) for their ongoing generous support, which helps us to keep costs for players to the lowest level possible. You can find more information on the CLC at

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Central Hockey is proudly supported by Canberra Labor Club, ISC TEAMWEAR, Superior Control Solutions, Intra Specialty Coffee, Adams Financial, Greenlight, Health Care Cloud and Evolve Capabilities

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