We need your help!

Published Sun 17 Sep 2023

We need your help.

The Hunter Hurricanes are a club that punches above its weight. At both a junior and senior level our club is one of the strongest regional clubs in Australia.

To ensure we continue to meet the needs of our members, grow our junior pathways and compete and succeed at the highest level we need help.

The board is calling for expressions of interest for the following roles. If you think you might have some skills that fit, or a little knowledge to help, let us know via the form below. We're flexible, the descriptions are there so people know what we need.

If you think something is missing there's room to work with us on building the role to what it should be. At the end of the day, we know our members are a talented bunch and we need to tap into that talent pool.

The roles (descriptions below):

  • Game Day Controller
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Gear Steward
  • Table Official
  • Other (if you want to help but sure where just give us your details and we’ll find a spot for you)

The closing date is 5 pm on 8th October.

Game Day Controller

Role Description

The Game Day Controller (GDC) has the responsibility for ensuring that all Hurricanes home games are presented and executed in a safe, efficient and memorable way. Home games are held at Lambton Pool and involve both the senior teams contesting the Sydney Super League (SSL) and Australian Water Polo League (AWL) competitions.  The GDC will assemble and coordinate a sub-group of volunteers (Game Day Working Party) to execute the following:

Game day management

  • Lead the Game Day Working Party on the day of AWL / SSL games
  • Ensure the playing area is presented per AWL/SSL standards.
  • On-site liaison with AWL/SSL Delegate, referees and visiting teams
  • Liaison with BlueFit on access and logistics
  • Ensure all necessary equipment is operational and available (PA, banners and signage, recording equipment, lighting etc.)
  • Ensure game-day programs are prepared and available for distribution
  • Record-keeping (Score sheets)
  • Ensure equipment and other materials are removed and stored to plan.
  • Ensure pool set-up is in compliance with SSL / AWL requirements and guidelines
  • Ensure goal transition occurs between women's and men’s game
  • Ensure Hurricanes game day requirements are met e.g. sponsor signage, sponsor / corporate boxes, and crowd control in line with ThinAct.Play

Game Day Working Party

  • Recruit and manage a team connected to the senior player group to achieve safe and efficient game day set-up and take down for each game

Commitment: 5-6 hours per home game, 11 home games forecast for AWL

Owned by: Andrew

Game Day Working Party

Role Description

The Game Day Controller will assemble and coordinate a sub-group of volunteers (Game Day Working Party) to deliver high-quality home game experiences.  We will need a team of about 5-6 each game, and as many volunteers as possible to rotate the duties.

  1. Set the pool up with the correct markings and equipment
  2. Operate the Foul Board
  3. Work on the BBQ, including buying and storing food/drinks
  4. Sell Raffle Tickets/Merchandise and distribute programs
  5. Ensure the pool area is prepared and used in a safe way
  6. Get out/put away any temporary structures or furniture (banners, awnings, tents, pergolas, tables, chairs, PA, etc)
  7. Ensure all electrical cables and power sources are tagged/tested, and laid in accordance with safety requirements

Commitment: 5-6 hours per home game, 11 home games forecast for AWL

Owned by: Andrew

Social Media Coordinator

Role Description

The Social Media Coordinator (SMC) will actively manage all social media channels to ensure that the Hurricanes are portrayed in a positive and interesting context.

Content Creation:

  • Engage with teams, coaches and players across all age groups to create compelling and relevant content for various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Create visually appealing graphics, images, and videos to complement social media posts.
  • Ensure all content aligns with our Club’s mission and messaging.
  • Align with AWL social media requirements and guidelines.
  • Source and publish ‘good news’ stories that promote the Club, its players and its sponsors.

Social Media Management:

  • Develop an annual social media plan that outlines themes/campaigns etc. in line with our season, competitions, and team/player celebrations or milestones.
  • Manage and maintain the organisation's social media accounts.
  • Schedule and publish regular posts, ensuring consistent and timely updates.
  • Monitor social media channels for comments, messages, and mentions, and respond appropriately.
  • Utilise social media analytics tools to track performance and make data-driven improvements.

Community Engagement:

  • Foster and build relationships with our online community and followers.
  • Encourage discussions, share user-generated content, and actively engage with comments and messages.
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with influencers, partners, and supporters for greater outreach.

Commitment: 2-3 hours per week

Owned by: Mark

Gear Steward

Role Description

The Gear Steward manages all the equipment needed to run the Club’s training and games successfully.  This includes keeping registers of where various items reside, their condition, and their likely replacement timeframe.

Register of Assets:

  1. Establish and maintain a ‘Gear Asset Register’ which will catalogue all equipment belonging to the Club. Examples will include:
    1. Balls
    2. Caps
    3. Goals and pool fixtures (ropes, brackets, clips/braces etc)
    4. Pool furniture (cones, whiteboards, tables etc)
    5. Electrical and communications equipment
    6. Storage equipment
  2. Liaise frequently with coaches/managers on their team’s training equipment to ensure equitable distribution and/or sharing of caps and balls

Maintain a sustainable asset base:

  1. Assess asset conditions and advise the Board of any upcoming requirements for repair, replacement or sourcing.
  2. Ensure teams are storing and maintaining the assets assigned to them in an appropriate and safe manner.
  3. Ensure that test/tag requirements are current
  4. Dispose of unusable assets to prevent ‘clutter’.

Manage Equipment Storage:

  1. Use of HH storage facility at Storage King, Hamilton North as a ‘warehouse’ or as a secure site to keep expensive or fragile items.
  2. Conduct annual stocktake of Storage King contents.

Commitment: 1-2 hours per week after initial condition assessment

Owned by: Andrew

Table Official

Role Description

The Table Official ensures that all official recordkeeping requirements for AWL and SSL games are met.  We are looking for an additional 3 volunteers for this role who are experienced and comfortable in keeping the scorecard current or operating the shot clock during a game.  We want to create a pool of 3-4 Table Official volunteers so the role can be shared.

Commitment: 5-6 hours per home game, 11 home games forecast for AWL

Owned by: Col

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