Brisbane Invitational 2024 (Team Entry)

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Mon 29 Jul 2024 23:59.

Brisbane Table Tennis Association (BTTA) is delighted to be hosting our annual Brisbane Invitational teams event for 2024! We warmly invite you to gather your teammates and represent your club to glory.

Referee: Frank Chen

Tournament Directors: David Bernard & Vinnie Batten

Closing Date: Monday 29th July, 2024

Fees: $150 per team (paid by Team Captain). You can also click here if you don’t have a team and wish to register as an individual looking for a team.

Enquiries: (Vinnie Batten – BTTA General Manager)

Canteen: There will be a canteen operating throughout the event offering a range of food and drinks at affordable prices.



  1. Tournament Control: The tournament will be held under TTA and ITTF rules & regulations.

  2. Match Control: Each match will be controlled by an umpire whose decision will be final on point of fact. The decision of the referee will be final on point of law.

  3. Affiliation: All entrants must be registered members of clubs or associations affiliated with TTA or international equivalents. International participants must make contact with proof of their membership.

  4. Fees: Entrants are liable for fees for all events entered, paid online through the BTTA Revolutionise Sport Portal prior to entry of the event.

  5. Entries: Entries must be made via the BTTA Revolutionise Sport Portal. Team captains must include the details of their team mates, including their name, club and RatingsCentral ID (which can be found by clicking here). Telephone or email entries will not be accepted, but please contact BTTA if you need any assistance with your nomination. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.

  6. Selection: Teams of up to 5 players (minimum 3) will be selected into divisions of up to six teams based on the average rating of the best three players in the team as at Monday 29th July 2024. Teams from the same club will be put into different divisions where possible and reasonable while ensuring a fair competition.

  7. Event Format: Each round will consist of a 7 match format: A vs Y, B vs X, C vs Z, A vs X, C vs Y, B vs Z, and a Doubles match. Teams must nominate their 3 players for each round, and can only substitute out a player with another teammate for any given match if a result for the round has already been met, or for the deciding Doubles match at a scoreline of 3-3.

  8. Umpiring: Players from each team shall umpire alternate individual matches in a round, starting with a player from team ABC in the first match. Umpiring shall be conducted fairly and impartially, with active effort to implement the rules of the game.

  9. Balls: ITTF approved RADAK 3 Star plastic 40+ white balls will be used for all matches. Therefore, competitors must not wear predominantly white or pale coloured clothing.

  10. Facility Specifications: Across 21 courts, there are 17x Stiga Expert Roller tables and 4x SAN-EI Paragon Sensor tables. Red Taraflex is laid on top of wooden flooring. Bright LEDs sit above all tables.

  11. Player Equipment: Players must use a racket consisting of a blade not prohibited by ITTF regulations, with unmodified ITTF-approved coverings, adhered with glue not prohibited by ITTF regulations. Glueing must not be undertaken on the playing courts, but shall be permitted elsewhere within the hall.

  12. Conduct: Alongside adhering to the rules and regulations, players shall engage in good sportsmanship out of respect to other players and participants in the hall. This includes not celebrating nets & edges, shaking the hands of the opponent/umpire/coaches, not making excessive & frequent noise, and not intentionally damaging BTTA equipment.

  13. Prizes: The winning team of each Division shall be presented 3 medals (additional medals for 4 or 5 person teams available upon request after the event).

  14. Social Media: You agree to any photos or video captured during the tournament to be used by BTTA for advertising and promotional purposes. You can request to opt-out by contacting BTTA.

  15. Defined Terms: In these Event Conditions: ‘BTTA’ means Brisbane Table Tennis Association Incorporated, and where the context permits, includes its respective administrators, directors, agents, officers, officials, committee members, volunteers, employees, other participants, and any sponsors.

  16. Participating at Own Risk: You understand the nature of table tennis activities and are aware that participating in this sport contains risks. These risks may be caused by you and/or your minor child's own actions or inaction, or the actions or inaction of others. There may also be other risks and social and economic losses either not known to you or not readily foreseeable and you fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in the sport and this tournament. In consideration of BTTA's acceptance of your nomination to participate in this tournament, you willingly assume all risks including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other members, injuries and illnesses. You further waive and release BTTA from all claims (including future claims), demands. losses, damages and liabilities of any kind known or unknown, arising out of your use of and participation in the sport and this tournament and the facilities contained in the BTTA premises.

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