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The club currently runs learn-to sail events for kids.

BYC is strongly supported by Yachting Victoria having accredited sailing instructors leading the junior Learn to Sail program TACKERS. BYC has its own fleet of the very popular Opti and Pacer training dinghies which are an excellent platform for both new and experienced sailors of any age to develop their skills.

Tackers Training Traditionally the club holds ‘Tackers’ programs in the second and third weeks of January.  An additional course may run between late November through to the end of December - if there is enough demand.  

TACKERS Junior Learn to Sail Program utilises the Club’s fleet of Opti's & Pacers and is held on the lake in good view of parents and siblings, under the guidance of qualified Yachting Australia instructors.

If you are between 8 - 12 years old and can swim, you would be eligible. Beginner, Intermediate plus beginner racing groups are catered for. 


​BYC runs the Yachting Australia affiliated Tackers program for Primary School age children, although the Tackers 3 program can be aimed at the younger secondary school age children.

TACKERS 1 - school holiday program

  • Generally held mid January between 2pm & 6pm Monday to Friday

  • Dates to be confirmed (subject to availability of qualified coach).

TACKERS  2  - school holiday program

  • Generally held mid January between 2pm & 6pm Monday to Friday

  • Dates to be confirmed (subject to availability of qualified coach).

Costs (subject to confirmation)

General Tackers enquries:  email training@ballaratyachtclub.com.au


ADULTS sailing programs


This Course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to Dinghy sailing for complete beginners.

The Course includes an introduction to fundamental boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge.

When I’m on the water I can……

• Leave and return back to the beach

• Avoid other boats

• Recognise and get out of the ‘no go zone’

• Reach around a figure of 8 and sausage courses

• Right a capsized boat

• Recover crew in a ‘man over board’ situation

• Stop the boat and get it going again

• Identify dangerous situations in and around the marina

• Sit on the side of the boat and face the sail

• Sail without kneeling

• Steer and control the mainsail at the same time

• Tack facing forward and changing my hands behind my back

• Know where to have the sails set for all points of sailing

And when I’m on shore I can……

• Dress for the conditions including the right PFD, sunscreen, hat and footwear

• Name the main parts of the boat

• Tie a ‘figure of 8’, ‘bowline’ and a ‘reef’ knot

• Respect the boats that I’m using

• Name the main ‘points’ of sailing

• Use aids to determine the wind direction and strength

• Rig and derig a boat with assistance

The course will be run subject to numbers and may be held afternoons/evenings, during daylight savings - for up to 8 sailors.

The Ballarat Yacht Club will provide qualified instructors, boats, books, safety gear.


The cost is approximately $350 inc GST per adult sailor. (subject to confirmation)

General Tackers enquries:  email training@ballaratyachtclub.com.au



Sailability is a world wide program aimed at providing people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience sailing in an inexpensive, fun and safe manner.

Sailability Coordinator BYC:   Sue Simmonds   M 0418 427 366    Email; simmsue@aapt.net.au

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