Association & Club Affiliation

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The costs of becoming an affiliated club (or renewing an affiliation) have two elements:

(1) affiliation fee for the club itself, and

(2) registration fees for all of the club members (i.e. all the regular members of the club).



Affiliation fees
Metro club affiliation (within 50km from Perth GPO)   $125
Country club affiliation (outside 50km of Perth GPO)   $110
Association affiliation (3 or more clubs)   $200



2023/24 registration fees
(up to 31st March 2024)

Metro Club    Country Club
 Junior player (under 18 y.o.) $35 $25
 Adult player (19-64 y.o.) $45 $35
Senior player (65 y.o. or older) $35 $25
Non-playing club member $25



Step 1. The club provides us with the 'Affiliation Form' with information about when and where the club playing sessions take place, name and contact details of the club organiser, and personal and contact details of all of the club players.

Step 2. We verify the integrity of the information, and issue an affiliation invoice.

Step 3. The club organises the payment by bank transfer

Step 4. Once the payment is receive, the affiliation is complete. We issue the insurance certificate of currency for the club within 1-2 business days

Step 5. You will then be given instructions on how your members can register

If you have any questions, please contact us at (08) 9409 4433 or