Smash Friday: A Morning of Fun, Collaboration, and Badminton Excellence

Published Fri 10 May 2024

Cheers to an incredible match, everyone! 🏸 

Last Friday, we wrapped up our week with the first-ever Smash Friday session, an exciting new initiative that brought together our sponsors and senior state team for a morning of badminton and community building. This unique event was designed to give our sponsors a firsthand look at the hard work and dedication our players put into their training and their positive impact on our community. 

We were delighted to welcome representatives from PROTECH, Beyond Bank, AIA, and BVBN Members, who joined us bright and early for some fun and friendly competition. It was a fantastic chance for our sponsors to experience the sport we all love and witness firsthand the skills and sportsmanship our state team embodies. 

"Having our sponsors on the court for Smash Friday was fantastic! Your support energizes our players as we head into the National Championships. Thanks for believing in us—let's keep the momentum going!" said Vountous, our Head Coach. 

“This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the dedication and hard work of our senior state team and show your support's positive impact. Your contributions are vital to the growth and development of badminton in Victoria, and we look forward to continuing this journey together,” added Clint Proctor, BV CEO. 

A huge thank you to our sponsors and partners for making Smash Friday an unforgettable event. Your support is invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate many more events like this in the future. Here's to smashing success together! 


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